Touring & Production

essential tour and production management tools

Whether you’re managing a tour or production, centralized scheduling and finances are a must. Artist Growth has the tools to keep your operations running smoothly AND save you money.

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Centralized Operations

A single source of truth for your entire tour

Artist Growth Workspace is the ultimate tour and production management software.
  • Plan tours with our industry-specific 6-month calendar view
  • Collaborate on production logistics, flights and hotel bookings, travel itineraries, guest lists, event contacts, and files
  • Export tour books, itineraries, and day sheets
  • Import data from Master Tour and almost any CSV file
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
ItinerarY exports

Everyone on the same page (imagine that)

Keep your operations running smoothly day in and day out with instant visibility into all of your tour events and industry-standard exports of itineraries, daysheets, and tour books.
Money & Accounting

Complete visibility into your operations’ finances

  • Manage tour and production budgets in the same, cloud-based system as your calendar
  • Track expenses down to the artist, event, team, or individual
  • Share budget information with artist management, accountants, etc.
  • Upload receipts anytime, anywhere
  • Export your expenses and revenues as a CSV file
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
tickets & passes

Streamlined ticket request management workflows

Review and approve ticket requests in an efficient workflow, and manage and export guest lists.
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Do more with your budget

Artist Growth Xtra is a first-of-its-kind, membership-based savings and perks program that could forever change the way tours get booked. 

Imagine saving $100 off every hotel room you book for every night of a tour. 

With exclusive savings on services you use daily — like hotel rooms, flights, rental cars, and meals — Xtra could easily save save thousands per person over the course of a tour or production, if not much more.

The complete suite of business tools for tours and productions

Manage your operations in one place, control expenses, and save time and money with Artist Growth.