Your questions, answered.

What is Artist Growth?

Artist Growth is building a comprehensive suite of business management tools and financing solutions tailored for creative teams of any size in music, media, and entertainment.

Who is Artist Growth for?

Artist Growth helps creative teams of all sizes — from musicians and content creators to tour managers and record labels — manage every aspect of their business, including events, projects, finances, tours, cost-savings, and more.

Is there a mobile app for Workspace?

Yes! Download our Workspace mobile apps here for iOS and Android.

What is Artist Growth Workspace?

Artist Growth Workspace is a real-time project management tool, calendar, logistics tracker, and financial ledger. The cloud-based software supports hybrid/asynchronous work and increases collaboration between creators and their teams. Workspace also boasts powerful permissions controls so that you can control who can see and edit information.

How many users can I add to my Artist Growth Workspace account?

Our free Launch plan includes up to 5 users for a single artist. Our premium plans include unlimited users.

Can I store files in Artist Growth Workspace?

Yes! Artist Growth Workspace makes it easy to save different files within your account in all sections of the platform, events, user profiles, marketing, finance tracking, and more. Workspace supports up to 45 MB per attachment on the web application and up to 15 MB per attachment on the mobile app. You can read more about our storage and acceptable file formats here.

What is included in the free plan of Artist Growth Workspace?

Our free Launch Workspace plan includes 1 artist with up to 5 users in your account. It also includes calendar and event logistics management, guest list management, and financial management features. You can find all features included in your free Launch plan here here.

How many artists can I add to my Artist Growth Workspace account?

With Artist Growth, you have the flexibility to add as many artists as you need. Our model scales as you add artists to your roster. We also offer a range of subscription plans to fit teams of all sizes. You can find our Workspace pricing here for more details.

Does Artist Growth Workspace integrate with other platforms?

Yes, Workspace integrates with platforms such as Bandsintown for Artists and Songkick. We have other integrations coming soon with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and more. You can also import data from Master Tour, WME, and most CSV files. Reach out for any custom integration requests specific to your organization. Be among the first to know about our latest updates. Register here.

Can Artist Growth Workspace be used offline?

Yes. You can access Workspace data without an internet connection on your mobile app. Our app will show the most recent updates from the last time you were connected to the internet. Any updates that you make while offline will sync to the cloud for the rest of the team to see as soon as you are connected to WiFi.

Can I trial Artist Growth's premium Workspace plans for free?

Yes! Try our Scale tier with all the bells and whistles on us, for 14 days when you sign up.

How much does Artist Growth Workspace cost?

Our Launch plan is free and includes 1 artist with up to 5 users. Artist Growth also has a unique pricing model tailored for teams of all sizes and is based on the number of artists added to your account. You can find our plans and pricing here.

Is there a free version of Artist Growth Workspace?

Yes! Our Launch plan, designed for self-managed artists building their business, includes access for 1 artist with up to 5 users at no cost.

Does Artist Growth Workspace have a mobile app?

Yes! The Artist Growth Workspace mobile app makes it easy to keep track of your schedule, artist roster, events, tickets, and finances, all in one place. Download the Workspace mobile apps here for iOS and Android.

How secure is my information within Artist Growth Workspace?

We adhere to the most rigid and secure practices to ensure the highest data security. Our platform runs on Amazon Web Services, where we leverage the latest tools and services provided by Amazon Cloud Security. We have also invested in additional security infrastructure to satisfy the requirements of our enterprise partnerships and integrations.

I currently use Master Tour. Is Artist Growth Workspace the same thing?

There are similarities, but no. Master Tour is specifically designed for the needs of touring crew and production members. Users of their system may be fulfilling their tour management needs, but often need to use different platforms to connect with their booking agent, management, label, and other non-touring team members. Workspace, on the other hand, offers an all-in-one cloud-based platform approach that is designed for the entire ecosystem of an artist's business management. We pride ourselves on designing the most advanced, yet accessible, tool for your whole team, including: artists and creators, production, tour managers, crew, band members, travel and booking agents, artist managers, label executives, publishers, and more.

Can I cancel my Artist Growth Workspace account?

As much as we would hate to see you go, of course you may cancel. Currently, we do not have a way to do this within Workspace, so please email support@artistgrowth.com if you need to cancel. Note that if you have paid annually, your subscription price is not prorated for any refund, but you will continue to have access to your account until your expiration date.

How can I join the Xtra savings and discount membership program?

You can join Artist Growth's Xtra discount program for $20/month by clicking here to sign up.

How much does Artist Growth Xtra cost?

The Xtra membership is $20/month. With up to 60% off hotels worldwide, Xtra could pay for itself after just two nights. Created in partnership with Abenity, Xtra gives you VIP access to savings and discounts you won't find anywhere else. With similar programs, users have seen average annual savings of $4,500; however, we think the savings could be even more for our industry.

Does Artist Growth Xtra have a mobile app?

It does! You can find the Artist Growth Xtra app in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

How do I start redeeming savings with Xtra?

Discounts and savings on Xtra each have their own redemption method. For example, one offer might use online redemption on the merchant's website using a special link or discount code, while another offer might allow for in-store redemption. Each offer will include the necessary instructions and details, making it easy to take advantage of all the great deals Xtra provides.

How does the Xtra program work?

Immediately after signing up for Xtra, you'll gain access to VIP savings and offers on everything from hotel rooms and rental cars to meals, music gear, and more. You'll also receive limited-time deep discounts and seasonal offers. We're always adding new local and national savings, so check the New tab to see Xtra's 100 newest offers.

Can I cancel my Artist Growth Xtra account?

As much as we would hate to see you continue to receive access to thousands of dollars in savings each year, of course you may cancel. You can find the link to manage your account here. Note that your subscription price is not prorated for any refund, but you will continue to have access to your account until your expiration date.

What is Artist Growth Xtra?

Artist Growth Xtra is a unique real-time savings and discount membership for artists, organizations, and industry professionals in the US, Canada, and Australia. Unlock thousands of savings per member with exclusive deals on hotels, car rentals, music gear, and more. Join Xtra here.