The only all-in-one data management platform for music, media, and entertainment

Artist Growth streamlines artist data management in one cloud-based tool, empowering everyone — from aspiring artists and creators to large media teams — to collaborate and share information efficiently and securely.

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The Team-collaboration Hub.
Seamless management and collaboration across events, finances, travel, tickets, and more.
The Money-saving Weapon.
Our business card, with built-in cash back rewards tailored to creators
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We help labels and management teams efficiently collaborate

Artist Growth Workspace™ takes artist management to the next level by allowing large teams to manage logistics, finances, and files securely in one tool.

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Ticket Management in Artist Growth Workspace

Permissions, Privacy, Encryption & Security

Protecting sensitive data is crucial for large teams. Set permissions for team members to edit and manage data, view only, or turn off access when needed.

One calendar for the entire roster

See what your entire roster has scheduled at a glance. Filter by artist, market, event type, and more, and create custom workspaces to focus and filter the entire app.

Guest lists and Ticket Requests Management

Our ticket management workflow makes it easy to see and manage all requests in one consolidated view, and export data to multiple industry standard formats.
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We help creative entrepreneurs organize their business.

Introducing business operations with rewards banking for artists and creators. All the power of Artist Growth that’s used by the biggest companies in music, now customized for artists in every industry.

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A calendar for creative entrepreneurs

Artist Growth Workspace™ is designed specifically for managing data unique to artists and creators, such as guarantees, venue information, production and marketing notes, deal contracts, and more.

Manage business finances and get rewards

Separate your business from your personal finances with our Artist Growth Wallet™ business card. Get royalties and revenue direct deposited, save money with built-in cash back and discounts geared toward creators.

Collaborate with the team you're building

As you build and grow your team, add people to your Artist Growth account who are working with you to make your career a reality. You can all collaborate on your business in one place, in real-time.