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We’re proud to announce a significant milestone in our journey: The translation of our Workspace artist management platform into Spanish and Portuguese. 

This expansion reflects the diverse footprint of the music industry and the wide range of artists, labels, management groups, and publishers that rely on Artist Growth Workspace to manage their operations.

Why this matters now

The introduction of Spanish and Portuguese translations — with many more on the way — is a crucial step toward making our Workspace artist management platform accessible to music and entertainment professionals across the globe.

And it made a lot of sense to start with these two languages. Consider the following statistics:

How Workspace translations work

Initially, the preferred language indicated in your web browser settings will determine which language you see in Workspace on desktop. 

However, look for future updates that give users even greater flexibility, including:

  • The ability to toggle between languages 
  • Workspace mobile app translations
  • Foreign currency support
  • Additional language translations

Looking ahead to additional translations

While the debut of Workspace in Spanish and Portuguese is a significant milestone in the evolution of AG Workspace, it’s just the beginning of a much larger effort. 

Over the coming months, we plan on adding many more languages, including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Polish — underscoring our mission to empower every creator and media company with the business tools they need to cultivate success.

Greater collaboration for the music industry

With the introduction of multiple language translations, we’re creating a more connected industry — one in which all of an artists’ teams can collaborate around a single shared source of truth. Across borders, languages, and time zones.

Try Workspace free for 14 days to see how it can improve collaboration across your teams.