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You’re building a business. We’ve built the tools for you to manage it. Introducing business operations with rewards banking for artists and creators.

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Artist Growth for Creators
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Details matter.

Artist Growth Workspace allows you to streamline your events, business finances, contracts, touring, team, and more, all in one place.

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Workspace Day Management

A calendar for creative entrepreneurs

Artist Growth Workspace™ is designed specifically for managing data unique to artists and creators, such as guarantees, venue information, production and marketing notes, deal contracts, and more.

Integrations with Bandsintown and more

Quickly populate your calendar by Importing events from Bandsintown and Songkick, with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and more coming soon.

Collaborate with the team you're building

As you build and grow your team, add people to your Artist Growth account who are working with you to make your career a reality. You can all collaborate on your business in one place, in real-time.
Wallet for Creators Debit card and App
Artist Growth Wallet (logo)

Advancing the way artists bank

Separate your business from your personal finances with our Artist Growth Wallet™ prepaid business card.  

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Transfer money directly from your phone

Add funds to your Artist Growth Wallet card from third party apps like Apple Cash or Venmo. You can also set up direct deposit right from the app.

No monthly fees or minimum balance

No monthly, annual or minimum balance fees and access to more than 20,000 no-fee ATMs nationwide.

Discounts and cash-back for artists and creators

Save meaningful money discounts geared toward creators and built-in cash back rewards in designated rotating categories

Every journey requires a compass to stay on track.

In business, that compass is the fundamentals of finances plus effort. The combined power of Artist Growth Workspace™ and Artist Growth Wallet™ gives you the tools to manage your venture end-to-end, while saving real money along the way.

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